Volunteers Wanted

More Volunteers URGENTLY required. 

Can YOU please help?

Although we are now celebrating our 30th anniversary it is an astonishing fact that the David Hall is still run almost exclusively by ‘volunteer’ labour.

Because we receive no grant support whatsoever towards the running of the hall we can only afford just 30 hours per week of ‘key’ paid staff. Everyone else involved in the organisation – office personnel, box office and bar staff, the cleaner, building maintenance crew, lighting engineers, web site designer etc etc are all unpaid, doing it because we love being involved. We ALWAYS need more help and a few suggestions are listed below. You can be involved as much or as little as you wish, two or three hours a week can make a big difference to us – we only ask that you are reliable.

There are compensations – you do get complimentary tickets to events, make loads of friends, meet the occasional ‘star’ and generally contribute towards a very valuable community facility. The more help we have, the more we can achieve.


At events :

  • Assistance behind the bar and ‘front of house’ stewarding
  • Help providing refreshments for artists.
  • Running the raffle.

Daytime :-

  • Anyone with practical skills (building, carpentry, electrical, stonemasons etc).
  • Anyone with ‘Office’ or computer skills (typing, filing, answering the phone)
  • Website updates – specifically WordPress experience.
  • Fund Raising – we ALWAYS need more cash.
  • Cake making – the monthly coffee mornings are now a vital part of our fund raising activities.
  • Tea Pouring, brow mopping or ANYTHING you think you could do to help keep the Hall up and running will be welcomed with open arms.


Our board members take on additional responsibilities in the areas of policy development and supervision. If you have any management experience, especially in theatre, building industry, retail, finance or IT we would be delighted to hear from you. Remember that without such skills the Hall will not continue to prosper.

Just contact the Box office by email or phone 01460 240340 Tuesday or Thursday and make us VERY happy