Concessionary Tickets are available to:
  • ‘Friends of P.A.T.’ (You can join online  here)
  • People in receipt of a State Pension
  • Young persons under 18 years old  (note:  Certain events are not suitable for under 18s )
N.B. P.A.T. does reserve the right to ask for proof of eligibility



From Saturday 1 January 2022, The David Hall will no longer be able to refund tickets unless an event is either rescheduled or cancelled by Petherton Arts Trust or by the visiting artist. PAT will retain the request of a donation if a refund is not required.

Unwanted Tickets

In the situation of non event sell-out, TDH will not be able to offer a refund or advertise any Unwanted Tickets. You are free to find a buyer for the tickets yourself.

In the situation of an event sell-out, TDH will put the seller in contact with a buyer from a Waiting List if required. If there is no Waiting List, you are free to find a buyer for the tickets yourself.


Doors open 45 mins before the start of each event unless otherwise stated.