Petherton Arts Trust

The David Hall hardly receives any external revenue funding. It costs Petherton Arts Trust about £38,000 a year to run the venue (before artists fees). Box office profits alone are not sufficient to run the Hall, so a considerable amount of our activity involves fund raising. We always need more cash!

Board of Trustees

Management of the hall is done by an unpaid ‘Board of Trustees’ who meet bi-monthly, with sub committee meeting in the intervening months.

Paid staff

PAT now has less than one (equivalent) paid post. 30 hours a week by three part time staff – Emma Westerman, our programme manager; Anne Brown who looks after the finances and Penny Bool who is our Communications Officer.


Everybody else involved with the running of the Hall – taking your tickets, supervising events, serving behind the bar, fund raising etc. are unpaid volunteers.

The Board

Following our recent “virtual” Board meeting, I am pleased to confirm to
all that the Board of Trustees have made the following appointments on
an Acting basis from the present until the October AGM (5th) of the
Cliff Keating – Acting Chair
Pete Wheeler, Acting joint Vice-Chair
Chris Latham – Action joint Vice-Chair

These changes have been notified to the Charities Commission and strong
support for these individuals at this difficult time is most

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