COVID-19 Update


We plan to re-open the Hall for socially distanced events after Monday 17 May.

Numbers of attendees will be limited, seating suitably spaced with refreshment table service, all in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.

We put the safety of our staff, volunteers, performers and customers as our number one priority and we have measures in place to maximise your safety and enjoyment at events.

We look forward to welcoming you back to ‘the small Hall’.

New flyer

We are launching our new flyer with details of events at The David Hall in early May, so be sure to pick up a copy.

Click into the main page for details of events and how to book.


Thank you for continuing to support The David Hall.

Stay safe

all at Petherton Arts Trust and The David Hall


Our venerable old building has been challenged by the effects of old age on the roof, walls and associated drainage and protection systems.

To our great delight, our fund-raising activities over the last 12 months have, in spite of the pandemic, been successful.

With the help of a major charity, our generous local councils and many individual donors, we have reached our initial target. We are now in the final stages of contracting with a local building and roofing company with the aim of starting work at the end of May.

The most obvious initial impact is that there will be roof height scaffolding put up before detailed work can commence, so we are hoping both for decent weather and, more importantly, that no further restrictions will be placed on us or the community because of the virus.


Please be aware that forthcoming events may have specific conditions of entry attached in order for us to operate legally and safely. These will be dictated by changes in regulation and agreed industry best practice, and will be clarified once we receive clear guidance from government and industry bodies.