Donate to the Hall

Petherton Arts Trust is the charity that runs The David Hall.

In usual circumstances we rely solely on ticket revenue and fundraising to function. In the past year we have been fortunate to receive monies via the Cultural Recovery Fund and other donors and without these funds, we would have struggled financially to survive with The David Hall closed due to the pandemic.

Although the situation is slowly improving we still need to proceed with caution as we have ongoing costs month by month and a listed building to repair and maintain.

We are aware that many are struggling at the moment but we would be very
 grateful to receive any donations as these are crucial to our continued 
future and the ability to provide access to the arts, entertainment and
 cultural activities within South Petherton and beyond.

If you feel able to support our ongoing running costs and critical 
building maintenance work please select one of the following options:


Or you can:

1. Become a friend of Petherton Arts Trust

Friends of Petherton Arts Trust (PAT) offers its members exclusive benefits as a way of rewarding our regular guests and raising money to help the hall achieve its goal. That is ‘to continue to provide high quality and varied musical, theatrical and artistic entertainment for the community’.

In order for the Hall to be successful, the trustees need and value your support. It is hoped that the ‘Friends of PAT’ membership has something to encourage everyone to join. Every member will help us.


  • Individual – £30
  • Couple – £50
  • Young Person – £10
  • Family (2+2) – £70

Become a friend of PAT​

as a Friend of Pat you will be entitled to the following :-
  • A Friends of PAT membership card.
  • Drinks Voucher
  • Twice yearly newsletter detailing PAT information and advanced season information.
  • Priority booking & Opportunity to reserve seats.
  • Concession price on most PAT promoted events, where a concession price is advertised. (Does not apply to PPS films).
  • Access to balcony seats.
  • Entry into the monthly PAT raffle to win a bottle of wine.
  • Opportunity to win 2 tickets to two events at the Friends of Pat winter draw.
Thank you

2. Join a new fundraising opportunity at no cost to you!

We have now embarked on an excellent new initiative through which you will be able to help us further when you are simply doing your regular online shopping: it really will not cost you anything. None of your financial details will be stored online and, once you register to support us, the Hall will get a small percentage donation from the online retailer. All the major online retailers have committed to the scheme (over 2700 of them, including Tesco, John Lewis, M&S, Argos, Amazon, Lakeland, eBay, Expedia, Travelodge, Premier Inns etc etc).

The process is very simple and we know of other charities and individuals who have used this site for some time with excellent results. We do hope that you will consider supporting us in this way by doing the following.

 Look at how it works by going to the website There are several FAQs that you may wish to explore.

 In the ‘Search for a cause’ box, enter ‘The David Hall’, then ‘Search’.

 When The David Hall appears, click on ‘Support this cause’.

Create an account or login with facebook

Start shopping, or close your browser until you need it.

You may wish to use the ‘reminder’ tool, a useful reminder whenever you shop online that you could be triggering a donation to the Hall.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Hall and one of the fundraising team will get in touch with you.

Thank you for all your support, past, present and hopefully future.

The Petherton Arts Trust Fundraising Tea

3. Join the '200' club

Please support the David Hall by joining  the 200 Club for 2024-25

In its 22 years of existence the 200 Club has raised over £30,000 to maintain and improve the David Hall. We need to continue this essential work and hope that you will support us. We have been especially grateful in these past three years to those prizewinners who have donated all or part of their prizes back to the Hall.

Of the £26 subscription, over the year half of the proceeds comes back to members as prizes and the other half goes to the Petherton Arts Trust, the owners of the David Hall.  ALL proceeds go to the charity, with no administration charges except some postage. The monthly draw has sometimes been made at a live event, but often we get the randon numbers by using the website However it is done, prizewinners will receive payment shortly afterwards. The winning numbers and names will be posted monthly on the notice board in the Hall entrance and on this website.

There are several easy ways (with no admin charge) to secure one of the lucky numbers:

  1. The easiest method for you and the admin team is to go to the Hall website as above and scroll down a short way to to The 200 Club panel and follow the links to payment.
  2. Another popular method is to pay online by BACS to Petherton Arts Trust Ltd. Sort Code: 60-19-37. Account number: 68411464. Reference: 200+ your surname.
  3. You can return the form below in the near future to the David Hall or to me with your cheque for £26 payable to Petherton Arts Trust.
  4. Standing Order: if you bank online you may be able to set this up yourself, using the details above, or contact us for details.

Whichever payment method suits you best, please act promptly. If you do not ask for a particular number or if your number has already been allocated, your number will be in order of application. If you want more than one number, please adjust the payment  amount. All applications will be acknowledged.          

                                                                        Hartley Heard, Administrator 200 Club


For each month April-July, September-November, January-February: total £900:

1st-£30        2nd-£25        3rd-£20        4th-£15        5th-£10                

For the August Summer Special’, December Christmas Special and March

End of Year Bonus’ draws: total £1,700:

1st-£150       2nd-£100      3rd– £50       4th– 10 of £25 each (12 @ £25 in March)  


NB If more or fewer than 200 members join, the size or number of prizes will be scaled up or down in proportion but half of the proceeds will always return in prizes.

Your email address and telephone number will be used only for the purposes of the David Hall.