Garden One 2021

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Situated at the far end of the village we are lucky to have the beautiful backdrop to the garden of the ridge leading to Merriott. We get the sun flooding the garden all day ( when it’s out) and are treated to lovely late evening sunshine casting long shadows across the orchard from May to September.

Since we have learnt more and more about what wildlife need in order to have somewhere to live, we have let the garden get more and more wild, with less mowing and no strimming (a curse for wildlife, committing mass murder of creatures and their homes).

Some might say it is scruffy but knowing there are more creatures burrowing about in the undergrowth provides an uplifting thought in these days of dwindling natural habitats.

We have a large veg patch which, like a curates egg, is good in parts, last year we had fantastic carrots but no parsnips, wonderful broad beans but hopeless garlic. It’s too early this year to predict what we will get but we never give up hope!

This time last year the roses were in full bloom by mid May, this year it is back to normal and only the early rose ‘Pompom de Paris’ is in flower, a charming small double dark pink rambler.

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