How to ‘Stay Safe’ at The David Hall (For events after Monday 19 July 2021)

We want to welcome you back as safely as we can to full capacity events at The David Hall, we can’t wait to see you. But as we do that we are asking for your help and understanding, and that we, the event industry community, make the effort to be kind to each other. 

Obviously, these have been extraordinary times, so as we are reopening, we are taking some extraordinary measures to keep you safe and to protect our staff, artists and volunteers. We see this as a partnership with you, our friends and our community, to try to keep everyone safe from the risk of COVID infection. There are some things we have done, some changes we will make to how we operate, and some things that you can do to help us. We have tried to avoid rules and restrictions and to find ways we can all work together on this to deliver fantastic, memorable and safe events. 

COVID-19: If you have any signs of illness, you should not be attending. 

Arrival: Please use the front entrance on St James Street, A steward will take your name and check the box office list. If you want to speak to box office staff or to purchase a ticket on arrival, please use create a separate queue.

For the safety and re-assurance of all, we are recommending that customers wear a face covering whilst visiting The David Hall. This is not mandatory and will be a personal choice for everyone in the building. Hand sanitising stations will be kept in the venue and we recommend that customers make regular use of them during the visit.

If you wish to use the QR Code for NHS Track and Trace App Poster will be on display until Monday 16 August. 

All venue doors will be open before, at the interval and after the event.

Tickets: If you have booked a ticket for the event, please print off or show the booking confirmation via your smart phone to the steward at the main entrance. If you wish to collect or buy a ticket, please use the main entrance. We are able to take card and cash payment for tickets. The box office will be open until the end of the interval.

Refreshments and Seating Plans: We will be extending the length of the interval to accommodate refreshment orders. For all events the balcony will be open for seating,

For small scale events we will still be offering a drinks service to your table.  A steward will write the order on the tab for the booking group. Payment is required on receipt of drinks via contactless payments or cash. Seating will be arranged with cabaret tables. 

For medium scale events we will offer a drinks service to reduce the amount of people in the bar area. This provides options for customers. The bar will be open with two queuing areas in operation. Seating will include a mixture of cabaret tables and rows of chairs. 

For large scale events including Chance to Dance the bar will be open with two queuing areas in operation. A seated concert will include rows of chairs only. A chance to dance will include seating and tables surrounding a large space to stand and dance. 

Toilets: All toilets will be open with a waiting area outside. Please use these facilities during the performance. If you do find yourself waiting, then try to maintain distance as the person passes. We recommend that wash your hands before leaving the toilets or use hand sanitiser to reduce the risk of spreading any infection. 

During the Event: If you develop symptoms during the event, we advise that you go home. 

Exiting: To avoid crowding at the doors we ask you to leave using two exits – the side entrance on Roundwell Street and the main entrance on St James’s Street. 

We hope to welcome you back safely to the ‘small Hall’ very soon – Petherton Arts Trust.