Welcome to our Virtual Open Gardens.

Keen gardeners in the village of Over Stratton have been busy preparing for our Open Gardens Day, and today is the day we go live. Normally visitors’ ticket fees would go to The David Hall as part of our biggest fundraising events of the year……but, like many events at this time of the coronavirus, things have been done differently this year.

Instead of receiving visitors, our gardeners have upload photos and videos of their gardens where anyone will be able to visit them, virtually.

“We are facing many challenges this year, and whilst we know that people will miss strolling out on a summer day and enjoying live music and cream teas in different gardens, we do feel that this will be a pleasurable experience for many”

Cliff Keating, Chairman of Petherton Arts Trust, which owns and runs The David Hall.

Instead of ‘stroll and amble’ make yourself a Cream Tea and ‘click and scroll’ through some beautiful gardens on behalf of The David Hall.

Any donation big or small is appreciated.

Thank you to The David Hall Fundraising Committee, Tony Crockford, and the keen gardeners of Over Stratton for all their hard work in collating the album of images and for the hours required to maintain such amazing gardens for all to enjoy.

Please click a picture below to enter the garden gallery.

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Thanks to the gardeners and photographers:

  • Kath Brace
  • Trevor Lloyd Jones
  • Wendy and Rodger Neve
  • Jackie and Andrew Masterson
  • Sue and Bob Newbery
  • Pam and Iain Simpson
  • Gillian Webb
  • Diane and Roy Lusted
  • Trish Port
  • Liz Randall